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Montana is home to many beautiful and wild places. The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, located in in central Montana, is filled with natural and historical treasures. Missouri Breaks is a vast monument, spanning 375,000 acres, which includes the iconic Missouri River and rugged uplands.

Senator Jon Tester recently released a video calling on the Department of the Interior to protect the Upper Missouri River Breaks. He highlighted that Montanans first had a voice in designating the monument and should continue to play a central role in how Missouri Breaks is managed.

The monument is a stunning space where visitors go to enjoy recreational activities like hiking, hunting, and canoeing. There are several historic sites along the river that tell the stories of the Native American communities who stayed in encampments in the area.

Montanans across the state are showing their support for national monuments during Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s review. LCV and Montana Conservation Voters along with partner groups turned in more 2,300 public comments and 2,500 constituent letters from our volunteers and partners urging Trump and Zinke to keep existing protections for monuments in place.

Although Zinke has said, “It is my likely recommendation to leave the Missouri breaks as is,” we must continue to show our support of this special place.

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