Dirty Dozen in the States

A state-level companion to LCV’s trademark federal Dirty Dozen, the state version highlights 12 of the most anti-environment state-level candidates from around the country who state LCVs are working to defeat.

Cheryl Brown, California State Assembly *defeated*

Laura Woods, Colorado State Senate *defeated*

Craig Minor, Connecticut State House

Keith Perry, Florida State Senate

David DeCoste, Massachusetts State House

Greg Gianforte, Montana Governor *defeated*

Brent Jones, Nevada State House *defeated*

Sandra Jeff, New Mexico State House *defeated*

Lee Cotter, New Mexico State Senate *defeated*

Pat McCrory, North Carolina Governor *defeated*

Lee Bright, South Carolina State Senate *defeated*

Steve McLaughlin, Washington Commissonor of Public Lands *defeated*


Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters, www.lcv.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.